Long Overdue Update

So apparently I’m bad at posting updates, but there’s been some news here in the synccit world.

This post has a bunch of technical jargon. The just of it is: synccit is faster and more failure resistant, the browser extensions are fixed and better than before, and you can now reset your password.

1. Downtime

Last week, there was around 48 hours of downtime. My host locked me out of my server due to excessive connections1. They did this the last month too before letting me back in easily. This time though, it wasn’t as easy.

They completely blocked me access to my server. I had another server up and running within a few hours, but it fell at the wrong time for my weekly backups, so I felt getting the most up to date database was important. It also fell at a bad time since I was in another state with spotty internet connection.

Everything did work out. Got access to dump the database. Now on a new hosting provider that seem to perform better and running nginx instead of lighttpd, which both seem to make everything run a little better and faster.

What have I done to prevent this from happening in the future? First, synccit is now hosted on multiple servers2. A few configuration changes and everything should be back up pretty quickly. Second, everything is behind cloudflare. So a server changeover should be quick and seamless.

2. Synccit Browser Extensions

Both the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions have been updated. The Chrome extension had a bug causing it to stop working. Thus had been fixed in the Firefox version, but an updated Chrome build was never released. I used a custom-built version, not the official released one, so I never noticed the problem. Sorry about that.

There was also a time when Chrome broke all greasemonkey extensions (which the synccit extension is based off of) but this has been fixed with all versions of Chrome now.

The Firefox extension has been updated using talklittle’s modifications. It’s now following the proper Firefox extension build procedure.

Also, in both extensions, the configuration link now appears in the top right corner, instead of being hidden away at the bottom, which should prevent some confusion.

3. Synccit Password Reset

It came very complicated for me to reset passwords manually so a few reset requests were ignored. I apologize for that, but now you can reset your password yourself.

4. Synccit Stats

There have been millions of links saved. Thousands of users registered. Getting around 12k/requests an hour. Nearly all API calls. Server load isn’t really an issue yet, especially since I’m now on an SSD VPS.

5. Coming Soon

Updated browser extensions are coming to improve usability and add a few features. There will also be a few not so synccit related, but still reddit related apps coming out soon.

1 They said it was due to outgoing connections, but the logs they sent me showed only incoming connections and I found no evidence of any sort of intrusion. So take that as you will. Change your passwords if you want. They of course are salted and hashed.

2 This is just for redundancy, not load balancing. Synccit still seems to be running fast enough on a single server currently.

Account API

I’ve added an account API. This will allow you to create and manage accounts and their devices. Right now it only supports JSON, and there isn’t any documentation. I’ll write that likely tomorrow.

In order to test and create this, I’ve created an Android and iOS account manager. iOS is waiting for approval. Android will be out tomorrow or the next day.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 5, 2013 5.21.03 PM  iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 5, 2013 5.21.34 PM

It’s fairly simple, but it’s easier to use than the full synccit site on mobile. Which speaking of the full site, I’ll be updating that soon. First up, the capability to reset and change your password and email. Next up, some actual theming.

As for the traffic, we’re well over 1 million links, with over 8000 api hits per hour. And more support, I’ve been in touch with a few more reddit app developers about them implementing synccit support. We’ll see how everything pans out.

Almost 2 week update

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since synccit was released. There have been 11 commits, completely updated API documentation, the plugins added to their respective official sites, and reddit is fun added support.

Oh, and over 170,000 links added. The top user having visited 2,400 links, and many more having over 1,000, y’all do a bunch of redditting.

Want more stats? The number one device name, Nexus 7, or some small variation of it. Followed closely by just the names Phone and Tablet. And here’s the most viewed link by a small margin, and only accounting for 0.1% of the total links.

As for my server, it’s taken everything thrown at it without a sweat. There’s now a public status page. That 5 minute outage, my VPS provider had to reboot to install security updates.

What’s coming for the future? Or at least he very near future? An account API. While the current API allows you to create accounts and add a device key, this one will allow you to completely manage device keys and whatever account related tasks you want to do. And with that, a mobile account manager for iOS and Android is coming.

UPDATE: And less than 24 hours later, we’re at 220,000 links.